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Blue and Bougie is a series of upscale events and Awards GALA that attracts a sophisticated class of event seekers. The idea was founded in New York in 2017 by New York School Teacher and Entrepreneur Jerry McDonald. McDonald gathered a core group of like-minded friends Business Men Kerieth Mair and Anthony Turner who saw the need to formalize an exclusive party. The amazing party concept has grown rapidly and is now highly anticipated by party goers all around New York and the surrounding States.  


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Just for fun

our party Editions

The Perfect Sunday


Call up your friends and plan to escape to The Perfect Sunday..An Outdoor Tropical themed event 

The Signature Soiree November


What is the word ? ELEGANT !!! thats how we describe the Signature blue edition of Blue and Bougie.

Shades of Blue-March


Fans say it is almost illegal to miss the Shades of blue edition of Blue and Bougie..come! and you'll see why 

Why scatter roses?

Our Awardees

The individuals that make an impact in the areas of food, fashion, entertainment, entrepreneurs and humanitarians. Blue and Bougie believes that you should be acknowledged for the life changing  moves you've made and continues to make..  

We Don't Just Party. We Appreciate.

Join us to party and celebrate the ones amongst us, who are making a tremendous impact...

Our Most Recent Awardees

Rodney Pryce (Bounty Killer ) International Reggae Artist

Safaree Samuel Rapper & Love & Hip Hop TV Star

Nadine Sutherland International Reggae Artist ..Kurt Riley ( International radio dis-jockey and Producer) Cristy Barber (Grammy nominated Producer )

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Blue and Bougie

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